WHO is behind Mastering API

Currently, Mastering API is maintained by Ibrahim Faour. He is the Editor-in-chief of this website. He has been browsing, searching and learning from the greatness of the internet for about a decade now.

His expertise includes strong hands-on technical skills in both front and back-end technologies (just to name a few: PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery) and webservices and APIs like Google Maps API and Facebook Graph API.


WHAT Mastering API is all about

Mastering API will be, in general, a resource for most famous/most used Web APIs, like Google Maps API, Facebook Graph API and Twitter API. But you will find other useful tips and tutorials about famous frameworks and libraries (like CodeIgniter and jQuery) and how to implement and combine APIs mentioned with these technologies.


WHY Mastering API

Ibrahim Faour decided to launch this website to help developers better understand Web APIs by providing Tutorials that he thinks could help the community.
This came after being active on Stackoverflow only from the end of December 2010 and climbing the ladder of Top Answerer for the Facebook Tag for the Last 30 Days, ifaour is now the TOP Answerer of ALL TIME for the Facebook tag (in just ~2 months!).


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